Affairs of Construction and infrastructure
The important civil action of company was execution of pressurized irrigation systems in 429 hectares of dry land in 2014.  That the physical progress of it has been running at 70 percent on Dec 2014.

Other Constructional efforts was carried out is mentioned below.
-delivering, research and designing of conversion1380 hectares of dry land in Padare to irrigated lands to consultants.
- Construction of underground drainage by length of 5.6 km.
- Dredging open drain by length of 13 km.
- Construction of concrete water reservoir with a capacity of 330 cubic meters.
- Purchase and installation of water refinery for livestock.
Ongoing and future plans of the company


Cash investment of company


The duration of the project





One year

Anticipated capital increase




2 years









Production development projects (development and equipping of dry lands to irrigated land)

429 hectares Pars unit 2 project.

In the first of year the company purchased 11 center pivot irrigation machines (sprinkler rotary Western brand), And now the construction of 5 sub- pumping stations, installation of machines water piping and electricity transferring stations are being done now.
In summary, physical and financial progress as follows.
Table 10 - Summary of physical and financial work progress of the 429 hectares project. Sum: million rials

The company has managed 80% of the project in less than one year with less cost that is far better than the predictions and hopes to finish it in the spring of 94, coinciding with the start of spring crop planting it be inaugurated and planted.
Future projects

1380 hectares project in Padar

The works were being done until today.
1. Getting free water prerogative about 966 liters per second from the save location. (Fee per liter of water at present time is 100 million Rials).
2. The study, design and supervision with a cost of 750 million Rials. (Proposed cost by First Consulting Engineers amounted to 6350 million Rials).
3. Preparation of Topographic maps this project was free. (Savings of at least 2,000 million rials).
Study and design of under pressure irrigation and pumping system has being done in Ardabil at present time by Azarband Consulting Engineers, and It is expected to be delivered during the next year, and according to the facility granted by the government, agreement and arrangements made, we expected to benefit from the start of executive operations.