Horticulture and Natural Resources
Olive growing
The only fruition garden is 213.5 hectares olive garden that its yield below.
Table 7: Comparative Table of horticultural production in the years 2013 and 2014

Production (tons)

Type of production

The level of activity (ha)


Oil- Canned


In order to use the empty capacity of the company, 5 hectares of pistachio and 5 hectares of figs, , were planted on sloping dry lands and, if it will be successful, would have accrued greatest benefits to the company however it has no economical application now.
Olive is one of the capable products would growth on slopes and low fertilized land. As regards olive garden is not utilized appropriately because of the sensitivity to cold and Verticillium disease, So to find the best foundation for the development of olive orchards in the mentioned lands, company is constructing of a model garden mother (compared to 24 varieties of olive) on 1 hectares. Hopes that the results and findings from this field beside the results of planting fig and pistachio trees would be coming effective and efficient in the future development of the company.
Be Couse of the company has a long, steep and lowlands and in order to produce wood for industry and the most important for stabilizing of unstable and eroded lands, prevent slip and drift soils on steep slopes, improve the physical and biological conditions and increase soil organic matter and etc. Afforestation activities will start in 1992 and now it has a forest area of 190.4 hectares with a variety of trees such as Alvarica pine, silver cedar, cypress, ash, spruce, juniper, alder and Schalk tree.
Research and development of 230 hectares garden
As it was aware, the potential of sloping lands and rangelands have not been used in production so far.
In order to utilize these lands which largely are used as wasteland and pasture lands, research and development of 230 hectares of garden is on the agenda . And in this regard, has been aimed from Consulting Engineers for designing and study that progress of work is 90% now.