Dear sir
            Hi. You may know that we have been under various international sanction for few decades. Therefore , could not move ahead as we should in agriculture.
            The sanction is removed recently and would like to renew relations and cooparation as well.
            One of the most important agricultural requirement which we are looking after are seed and plant development.
            As an agricultural pioneer unit in Moghan – iran. We are holding 12000 ha land and 7500 li/second irrigation water but  very much like to devote the resources to seed and plant production for the country . Moghan area itself could be having a big demand to seed and plant , because there are 3 big projects in Moghan as followings.

  1. present irrigation network irrigating 90000ha.
  2. Khoda – afarin irrigation network. which will Cover 80.000 ha. it is under construction and having more then 60% progress.
  3. Emarat irrigation network which will cover 38.000 ha and is under cons – traction having 30% progress.

With regard to the seed material requirements for moghan and all over the country. We have been engaged in hybrid corn seed production and are quite known to the farmers too. because , we have been producting more than 15% seed material and done quite a good job in its distribution so far. That is whay we are very much interested to extend our own activities but with a better arrangement. It really makes a very good benefit.
            At this end , I should say , we are prepared to invest on seed and plant production in terms of – land , water , facilities , etc.
            We also very much welcome your participation , hoping to produce bettr materials for better yiold.
with the best regards.
J. Golchin
managing director
pars melli ag indus and livestock co.