Pars Production unit 5


In total Pars unit 3 has 1605 hectares of land that 1071 hectares of it related to irrigated land (847 hectares under center pivot system and 224 hectares as Furrow irrigation) and 534 hectares dry land agriculture. This unit crops includes wheat, barley, canola, sunflower, sugar beet seed, alfalfa, seed corn, grain corn, maize and soya on irrigated farms and wheat and barley on dry land.

Execution project conversion of 787 hectares irrigation farms a modern classic irrigation system.
In the land of Pars unit 4 and 5 about 51 sprinkler irrigation systems have been installed in recent years.
Downstream lands of Space between the irrigated system machines are irrigated by flooding that led irrigated land to the Swamp lands or sometimes inside farm, So in the past years, we decided to study the issue of conversion the irrigated lands to modern irrigation systems. This study was has been done by Jehad agriculture organization of Ardebil province.
Recently consultations with the province's Ministry of Agriculture has done, whereas 85% of the total project cost shall be paid by the government in the form of grants. The project will be operational in 2015. It is clear that implementation of these project in a described volumes need to ceaseless efforts of colleagues and shareholders and their material and spiritual supports.