Abaut our company

The geographical profile of the company and the scope of its activity
Pars company’s lands are located in the middle part of Parsabad Moghan and Bile Sevar city in Ardabil province.
These lands are limited in East, West and Southwest to pastures and winter quarter’s tribes and from the north to the lands of the Moghan Company.
Road of Pars Abad - Meshkinshahre determines western range. Constructed road and the excavated channels have identified the southern. Jafar Abad – Germi- Pars Abad road passes through the eastern parts.
Geographical coordinates of Pars lands is between two north latitude includes 39 degrees and 26 minutes 39 degrees 32 minutes.  Its eastern length is between 47 degrees and 38 minutes and it 48 degrees
And10 minutes. The length of east – west part is 47.3 km, but its width not uniform and varies between 60 meters to 10.7 km. Height range is from 90 to 230 meters of sea level.
Company activity subject:
Company activity is the preparation and implementation of projects related to agriculture, including crops,
Livestock, poultry, aquaculture, horticulture, greenhouse, and producing out of season crops etc. and so for achieving the Company’s aims without any limitation, the following actions have been accomplished.

  1. Establishing an investigation center and conduct research studies and production of seeds and seedlings.
    B) The development and manufacturing facilities for the production, conversion, processing and distribution of agricultural products, etc., that mentioned above.
    C) Investment and mutual participation in institutions, domestic and foreign firms, educational and research institutions and researching at the relevant regulations.
    D) Carry out any operations, business transactions and import and export which will be necessary and effective for reaching company’s benefit.

The main activities considered in the establishment of the company


Major achievements of the company in 1393

Human Resources

The combination of human resources
Company In order to increase efficiency and beneficial and effective productivity from available human resources, has increased awareness and education levels of personnel by encouraging employees to education and training while serving. Company is reduced the number of employees from 282 at the beginning of the fiscal year to 213 at the end of December93 by pursuing strategies and great attempting for personnel could retired via hard work and harmful.

Chart 1- The condition of number of human resources

In Table 3, the degree, the number and status of personnel Recruitment Company, is shown.