About Moghan plain


Moghan is an extensive plain located on the west of the Caspian sea , in the historical  region of Azarbaijan , devided by Aras river between Iran and republic of AzarbaiJan.
The Iranian sector fell within the north part of Ardabil province.
Factors like relief , soil , vegetation , and hydrology put its southern limits along the Khorozlu mountain.
The plain is delineated by the Qarasu in the vest , Aras in the north and balharud in the east.
The center of Persian part is an extremely fertile stretch of land , extending 25 – 30 km parallel to the southern rim of the Aras river.
The climate is quite favorable for agriculture and animal husbandry. Annual temperature show the maritime influence of the Caspian sea.

It is considered as an important agricultural territory of Iran because of its mild winters and humid summers.
Vast fruit land orchards and croplands as well as related industries have been stabilished in this area.
Moghan plain contains highest density of irrigation networks and modern irrigation systems.