At first Current livestock was designed for sheep keeping but with reform changed to Livestock. So for optimal utilization of it, will require more work. Despite these problems, the general condition of the current livestock companies is as follows.
1.Livestock condition of the company in 2014.


As can be seen, despite the serious shortcomings in infrastructure quantitative parameter in comparison with standards is desirable.
2.Milk production
Since the beginning of the financial year (30/12/2013) by the end of December 93 about 10,428,547 kilograms of milk from 852 milking cows with a mean average of 33.5 kg milk per day has been milked.
The quality of milk is so high that there is competition to buy in the area and now being sold 12,500 Rials per kilogram.

Development of dairy livestock farms
The construction of a new unit 1000 heads of livestock is considered for Implementation of the approved projects in order to increase the company's capital.
The farm of livestock will be construct where is implantable and has no other economic use for company, so studies for find location was done and hopes the operation be started  in 2015. It is anticipated that these projects at a cost of 220 billion will be executed that 140 billion of it coming from the bank loan and the remainder (80 billion) from the company.